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Restaurants and cafes

Beloe Solntse Pustyni (White Sun of the Desert) is the first thematic oriental restaurant in Moscow. Today the menu includes dishes of Uzbek, Arab, Azeri and Chi- nese cuisine. It should be noted t ...

Address: Neglinnaya, 29
Subway: Trubnaya (10 line)
Phone: +7 495 625 33 93
Site: www.bsp-rest.ru
E-mail: info@uzbek-rest.ru

Beloe Solntse Pustyni Restaurant

At the restaurant of oriental (Uzbek, Arab and Chinese) cuisine Uzbekistan you can experience being a Sultan, enjoy the status of Padishah and feel the pleasure worthy of a sheikh. Restaurant Uzbek ...

Address: Neglinnaya, 29
Subway: Trubnaya (10 line)
Phone: +7 495 625 32 84
Site: www.uzbek-rest.ru
E-mail: info@uzbek-rest.ru

Uzbekistan Restaurant

Cafe offers spacious meeting rooms, and separate zones, natural wood furniture, wine cellar and the open kitchen with a Josper wood burning stove, allowing to cook dishes on environmentally friendl ...

Address: Staraya Basmannaya, 9/1
Subway: Kurskaya (5 line)
Phone: +7 495 608 03 50
Site: www.florentinicafe.ru
E-mail: florentinicafe@hotmail.com

Florentini City Cafe

Gastronomica-Fish is a gourmet boutique, with haute cuisine and affordable prices. The name of the restaurant fully reveals its essence: attitude to food as an important part of human culture, plus ...

Address: Leninsky prospect, 57
Subway: Leninsky prospect (6 line)
Phone: +7 495 641 11 43
Site: www.gastronomicafish.ru
E-mail: info@gastronomica.ru


Vanil has been around a while and has a faithful following of Moscow’s rich, powerful and good looking set, plus the odd minor celebrity here and there. Once inside, sink into one of the plushy des ...

Address: Ostozhenka, 1/9
Subway: Kropotkinskaya (Line 1)
Phone: +7 495 637 10 82
Site: www.novikovgroup.ru/restaurants/ vanil
E-mail: //www.novikovgroup.ru/restaurants/vanil/

Vanil Restaurant

This place fits if you not only starve for tasty food, but also want to get juices flow! The Dog calls to eat, drink, get down with your old friends and colleagues.

Address: L’va Tolstogo, 5/1
Subway: Park Kultury (5 line)
Phone: +7 499 755 22 19
Site: www.fb.com/shaggydogmoscow
E-mail: levtolstoi5@yandex.ru

Shaggy Dog Restaurant

Muzey is a mix of classics and modernity. Painting on the walls emphasizes the spirit of modern art: it’s bright, dynamic, with a rich range of colors and moods. There is a bar with podium: it’s us ...

Address: Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya, 52/7
Subway: Paveletskaya (5 line)
Phone: +7 495 212 20 00
Site: www.muzey-rest.ru
E-mail: info@muzey-rest.ru

Muzey Restaurant

Gandhara is a Pakistani and Indian restaurant & lounge, which brings together a unique fusion of world-class food, cutting edge sounds and a luxurious ambi- ance, sumptuous Grilled meats and seafood.
Address: Rochdelskaya, 15, bldg. 7
Subway: Ulitsa 1905 goda (Line 7)
Phone: +7 499 255 99 59
Site: www.gandhara.ru
E-mail: info@gandhara.ru

Gandhara Restaurant

Japanese restaurant Tsveteniye sakury has a cozy atmosphere that drifts you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and helps you to enter the harmony of Japanese culture. Japanese instrumental mu ...
Address: Krasina, 7/1
Subway: Mayakovskaya (2 linea)
Phone: +7 499 254 08 05
Site: www.sakura-restaurant.ru
E-mail: info@sakura-restaurant.ru

Tsveteniye sakury Japanese Restaurant

Tuscany warm, Latiny elegant, marvelous interior design with low ceilings, stone walls, small tables with cozy chairs and armchairs, candles, clocks and paintings, a wood stove and pizza on thin cr ...

Address: Pervaya Brestskaya, 43
Subway: Belorusskaya (5 line)
Phone: +7 499 251 75 57
Site: www.boccadibacco.ru
E-mail: 2517557m@gmail.com

Bocca di Bacco Restaurant

Cozy loft-bar located in the north-east of Moscow offers the tasty and inexpensive brunches and business lunch. The ideal place to arrange a siesta in the middle of the day! The bar menu will impre ...

Address: Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, 36, bldg. 9
Subway: Dmitrovskaya (9 line)
Phone: +7 499 409 16 29
Site: www.iskrabar.ru
E-mail: infoiskrabar@gmail.com

Iskra Restaurant

Arbat 9 is a food laboratory and virtuosic bar with atmosphere of the real apartment parties with the outstanding poets of the past: Blok and Mayakovsky. Art exhibitions, lectures, work- shops, indie ...
Address: Arbat, 9
Subway: Arbatskaya (3 line)
Phone: +7 495 737 04 49
Site: www.arbat9.ru
E-mail: info@arbat9.ru

Arbat 9 Restaurant

Bouillabaisse is an elegant fish restaurant in Moscow. The restaurant was awarded the Best Fish Restaurant many times. Apart from fish there is a great choice of meat and poultry dishes. The Bouill ...

Address: Leninsky Prospect, 37
Subway: Leninsky Prospect (6 line)
Phone: +7 495 633 88 88
Site: www.buyabes.ru
E-mail: info@buyabes.ru

Bouillabaisse Restaurant

Bumaga Bar is an affordable gastrobar in a historical place in Danilovskaya Manufactory. Fashionable loft design combined with inventive menu and carefully chosen wine a la carte. By the way, the w ...

Address: Varshavskoye hgw. 9, bldg. 1b
Subway: Tulskaya (9 line)
Phone: +7 495 780 04 32
Site: www.bumagabar.ru
E-mail: bumagabar@gmail.com

Bumaga Bar

Andy’s bar will definitely surprise a sophisticated audience. It dazes not just with its beautiful interior and cozy atmosphere, but also creative approach to work. The interiors of this fresh plac ...

Address: Rochdelskaya, 15 bldg. 41
Subway: Ulitsa 1905 Goda (Line 7)
Phone: +7 499 643 83 92
Site: www.andysbar.ru
E-mail: info@andysbar.ru

Andy’s restobar

The restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a genuine fairytale house with thousands of glittering lights and eye-catching sign. Greenery and owers inside make to forget that you are in the center of M ...

Address: Tsvetnoy bulvar, 26, bldg. 1
Subway: Tsvetnoy bulvar (9 line)
Phone: +7 495 545 43 53
Site: www.ginza.ru
E-mail: moscow@ginzaproject.ru

Prianosti & Radosti Restaurant

Atmosphere of the calm and beautiful Russian nature reigns at Ermak restaurant, located just a short distance away from Krylatskoe metro station. The interior has an authentic medieval Russian touc ...

Address: Nizhnie Mnevniki St., 41/1
Subway: Krylatskoye (3 line)
Phone: + 7 499 191 25 23
Site: www.restoran-ermak.ru
E-mail: : rest-ermak@yandex.ru

Ermak Restaurant

Сatcafe Cats&People is the first cat-cafe in Moscow. It is a cozy oasis in the heart of Moscow for people’s and cats’ relaxation. Here, any good-natured person can rest, have some good coffee or te ...

Address: Sadovaya-Samotechnaya St., 6, bldg. 1, room 5
Subway: Tsvetnoy Bulvar (Line 9)
Phone: +7 495 669-73-83
Site: www.kotocafe.ru
E-mail: kotikiilyudi@gmail.com

Moscow catcafe Cats&People

Russkie sezony is a classical restaurant of modern Russian cuisine. Menu includes a wide range of exquisite dishes from basic to intricate ones, e.g. Herring in Shuba-coat, Oliviye salad, roasted quai ...
Address: Strastnoy blvd. St., 8a
Subway: Chekhovskaya (Line 9)
Phone: +7 495 229-28-00
Site: www.russkie-sezony.com
E-mail: info@russkie-sezony.com

Russkie sezony Restaurant

Cafe Dionis №1 is the only place in Moscow where you can taste dishes of Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and even Peruvian coisine.  An extremely wide range of dishes is the cafe’s ...

Address: Mikluho-Maklaya st. 3
Subway: Belyayevo, Troparyovo, Yugo-Zapadnaya
Phone: +7 495 363 41 89
Site: www.dioniscafe.ru

Cafe Dionis №1

Restaurant-winehouse Casa Del Vino is comfortably situated in Sadovoe Ring street near Taganskaya metro station. “Casa Del Vino” is a charming wine restaurant with atmosphere of a family European inst ...
Address: Bolshoy drovyanoy, 7/9, bldg. 1
Subway: Taganskaya (5th line)
Phone: +7 495 788 72 72
Site: www.casadelvino.ru
E-mail: info@casadelvino.ru

Casa del Vino

"Lucien" - probably the finest Russian restaurant in Moscow. At least, we do our best to be the best. “Lucien Olivier” is a gorgeous restaurant, where guests can immerse into atmosphere of pre-revo ...

Address: Gilyarovskogo, 65/1
Subway: Rizhskaya (6th line)
Phone: +7 495 997 76 65
Site: www.lucienrest.ru
E-mail: info@lucienrest.ru


Chateau de Fleurs is the unique place that has a restaurant, flower shop, decor studio and boutique in the interior of ancient French chateau, lapped in overgrown garden greens. Original cuisine of th ...
Address: Lomonosovsky, 29/3
Subway: Universitet (1st line)
Phone: +7 495 663 94 61
Site: www.chateaudefleurs.ru
E-mail: info.cdf@mail.ru

Chateau de Fleurs

Restaurant "Aviator" is an unusual place that immerses its guests into the golden age of aviation, offers comfort and exquisite cuisine. The interior creates a special atmosphere: the world's only fli ...
Address: Zemlyanoy Val, 52/16
Subway: Marksistskaya (8th line)
Phone: +7 495 604 17 71
Site: www.club-aviator.ru
E-mail: aviataganca@gmail.com


It's one of Moscow's oldest panoramic restaurants located on the top floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences near the Gagarin Monument. The oldest panoramic restaurant of Moscow “Sky Lounge” is si ...

Address: Leninsky, 32A
Subway: Leninsky prospect (6th line)
Phone: +7 495 781 5775
Site: www.skylounge.ru
E-mail: skylounge@on-top.ru

Sky Lounge