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Discover Moscow with awesome "Moscow Pass" bonuses!

Explore Moscow easily with the Moscow Pass and enjoy sightseeing at your leisure, enjoy free entry to the city's world-class museums and monuments. Moscow Pass is a sightseeing card which allows you free entry to museums and the best excursions.
With included well-known Open Bus, and Flotilla "Radisson Royal". These snow-white boats with panoramic windows and climate control are well-equipped and can easily overcome the ice. Moscow sightseeing pass offers everything you need for hassle-free city sightseeing. With Moscow Pass you can enjoy the popular attractions and save time and money as well.
Moscow Pass available for 1, 3 and 5 days. You may buy it at www.moscowpass.com.
For example, with Moscow Pass for 3 days (with cost of 3999 rubles), you can visit more than 30 city attractions for free! Without it, only boat-trip with Radisson Royal will cost 1200 rubles for you. Add there Museums of the Red Square (900 rubles all) and you would spent more than a half of Moscow Pass price.
Today at www.moscowpass.com you can purchase Moscow Pass divided on 2 thematic sections "Writers" and "Musicians". It is special summer offer of 20 museums each and 3 excursions, with a lower price, to make Moscow Pass more affordable.